StarfishSearch Item List

Please note … unless it says otherwise, all videos should be less than 15 seconds.
Please only submit once per item.

  1. 73 points: (Image) Create a Facebook Fundraiser for the Starfish Foundation. Get at least 5 different people to donate.  
    Note: If Facebook fundraisers are not possible in your country, choose another way to support the organization – can you host a drive for school supplies? Ask friends and family for a monetary donation? The choice is yours.
  2. 14 points: (Image) Sign up to attend or host a Giving Tuesday event in your area. Submit a screenshot of your registration. 
  3. 38 points: (Image or Video) What advice do you wish you had gotten (or at least listened to) when you were younger? Pass on your current wisdom. Your #StarfishSearch máscot should make an appearance. 
  4. 22 points: (Email) Every November, Starfish makes a post sharing what we’re thankful for. Have each person on your team finish the sentence “I am thankful for…” and send the compiled list to with “Team Name is Thankful for” in the subject line. Double points if you translate the list so it is in both English and Spanish. 
  5. 17 points: (Image) Giving Tuesday is on November 27th this year, and we need your help. Make a post on the social media platform of your choice (photoshop, canva, or other editing tools are okay), sharing why you support the Starfish Foundation. Tag us in it, and provide a link to our giving page. Submit a screenshot of your post. 20 bonus points if you get more than 50 reactons (likes, loves, etc.) 
  6. 32 points: (Image) Not all scarecrows want to stand around outside all day. Let’s see a scarecrow in interview attire applying for their dream job. 
  7. 27 points: (Image) Your pet is looking for love. Show us what picture your pet would use if they had an online dating profile 
  8. 49 points: (Image) Frankenstein. Ghosts. Vampires. Werewolves. Witches. The traditional monsters don’t get as much love anymore. Let’s see a classic Halloween monster shopping for fruits or veggies. 
  9. 59 points: (Image) A Disney princess confused about public transport. 
  10. 72 points: (Video – up to 20 seconds) Let’s see the 5th grade science project you always wish you had done. Final video must show both the hypothesis and the conclusion. 
  11. 40 points: (Video) Create a commercial for Winommutio. Don’t know what Winommutio is? That’s because I just made it up. I hear it’s super helpful when you’re hiking or camping. 
  12. 82 points:(Video) Last year we asked you to learn a dance from someone over the age of 80. No one accomplished that task so we’re bringing it back, but with a twist: Learn a dance that is traditional to your country from either a grandparent or a professional instructor. Costumes required. 
  13. 95 points: (Image) Pumpkin spice is all the rage this time of year. Create your own never-before-heard-of coffee or tea flavor and get it on a menu at your local coffee/tea shop. 
  14. 56 points: (image) There are lots of people who never get thanked for doing their job. Find one of these people and give them a flower and a note thanking them for their hard work, and let them know you appreciate them. If it is not clear from the photo, write in the comments what their job is. 
  15. 29 points: (Video) Gather 4 or more friends and choreograph a dance to Despacito. Wear “creative” clothing. Make us laugh. – Pamela 
  16. 61 points: (Video or Image) What do superhero sports look like? Show us. (Photoshop and SFX / video editing are okay for this item) 
  17. 21 points: (Image) US participants: Find someone who is not registered to vote, and register them. (Based on deadlines, they most likely will not be able to vote in the 2018 midterm election, but their registration is for life)
    If Team has No US Participants: (Video) Create the largest paper airplane we’ve ever seen. The plane should be AT LEAST 3 feet long. We must see it fly. 
  18. 30 points: (Video) Do a dramatic reading in front of a school or courthouse of your favorite poem. Hold your team’s #StarfishSearch máscot. 
  19. 32 points: (Image) Two young aliens in love walking across a bridge 
  20. 35 points: (Image) Beth, one of the co-founders of Starfish, got married this year. Using only recyclable material, design and model the beautiful wedding dress and veil she could have had if she had asked you to make it for her. Bonus points if the photo is taken in front of a church or other place of worship. 
  21. 26 points: (Video) Jenn, one of the co-founders of Starfish, moved back to the United States this year from Ecuador. But sometimes she still misses it. Record a video, in Spanish of course, telling her about your favorite Ecuadorian from history. 
  22. 66 points: [Image or Video] Get your team on the news! Get a newspaper, radio, or tv program to cover one of your tasks from this year. 
  23. 57 points: (Video) Take your #StarfishSearch máscot for an adventure! Take them on the swings, teach them soccer, and/or watch the sunset – the choice is entirely yours. Be creative and make sure they have a great day full of activities. 
  24. 43 points: (Video) Find a song about the town, state, or country in which you live. Sing it in front of your local town hall, police station, or post office. 
  25. 19 points: (Video) Eat a plate of spaghetti with no hands. 
  26. 16 points: (Video) Write a limerick about the Starfish Foundation. Recite it. 
  27. 16 points: (Image) Mail a postcard to someone in a different country. It does not have to be another hunt participant, but it can be. 
  28. 12 points: (Image) Collect 10 or more pieces of trash along a hiking trail 
  29. 19 points: (Image) Convince a non-StarfishSearch participant to paint a Starfish Logo on their face. 
  30. 26 points: (Video – up to 20 seconds) Recommend your favorite book with a brief explanation why. Oh yeah, this one has to be in English. 
  31. 22 points: (Video) Introduce us to your favorite place. Tell us why it’s special to you. 
  32. 67 points: (Image)  Make a smoothie using at least 5 different fruits and vegetables. At least one ingredient must be native to Ecuador, and at least one ingredient must be native to the United States. List the ingredients in the comments when submitting. 
  33. 70 points: (Video) Last year we learned that the Andean Condor is the national animal of Ecuador. Mimic one while crossing the street in a crowded place. (Be safe! Use a crosswalk!) 
  34. 25 points: (Image) Donate healthy non-perishable food to the homeless shelter or food bank of your choice. Minimum two items per teammate. 
  35. 12 points: (Image) Skype, Hangout, or FaceTime with a family member or significant other. Tell them you love them, and tell them about your day. 
  36. 20 points: (Image) Perform a random act of kindness. Include a short text explanation in your comment. Do something meaningful and make it count! 
  37. 30 points: (Image) Make a puzzle with the Starfish logo. -Karen Q 
  38. 45 points: (Video) With a group of people you don’t know, make up a cheer for Starfish -Karen Q 
  39. 92 points: (Video) Complete the Mannequin Challenge. Be sure your #StarfishSearch mascot participates as well -Karen Q 
  40. 70 points: (Video) What is your favorite ice-breaker activity? Teach it to a group of 7 people (One person for each year Starfish has existed) -Karen Q 
  41. 45 points: (Image) Starfish turns 7 this November! Bake a starfish-shaped cake in it’s honor, and write a positive message on top. 
  42. 54 points: (Video – up to 30 seconds) Act out a scene from your favorite childhood movie as a silent black and white film – Christina M 
  43. 47 points: (Image) Create an origami of your favorite animal and place it in its natural habitat. Use perspective to make the origami animal true to its actual size in real life. – Christina M. 
  44. 23 points: (Video) Most of us born in the 90s and before had to find ways to entertain ourselves before iPhones were a thing. One thing I remember doing is talking into a fan to hear how it changed my voice. Bring back the old days and sing a current pop song into a fan while wearing your best 90’s inspired gear. – Christina M. 
  45. 51 points: (Image) A popular tradition in a Hawaii that we often see in films and in real life is natives placing a lei on the neck of people stepping off the plane. Make the most outlandish lei you can think of from materials other than flowers and lay it on an unsuspecting person. They don’t have to be stepping off a plane but maybe someone leaving a grocery store or stepping out of their car. – Christina M. 
  46. 18 points: (Image) The work day can be so boring! Hang up a sign or poster at your place of employment with a rule that would make your day so much better. – Inspired by Marybeth M. 
  47. 20 points: (Image) Your ideal pet – Marybeth M. 
  48. 28 points: (Image) Sunrise yoga 
  49. 36 points: (Image) Sunrise yoga is overrated. Let’s see you doing something that really gets the blood pumping at sunrise. A kickboxing class or dance party perhaps? The choices are endless. Have your #StarfishSearch mascot join you. 
  50. 80 points: (Video) Trash Street Hockey: Clean the streets of all trash, then play broom hockey with what you’ve collected. Trash cans or dumpsters should be your goals. 
  51. 56 points: (Image) Foamhenge. (No, that’s not a typo) 
  52. 77 points: (Image) Channel your inner Picasso and recreate the Starfish Logo 
  53. 50 points: (Image) Collage together a picture of each member of your team dressed as what they wanted to be be when they grew up if we asked them when they were seven. 
  54. 84 points: (Image) Your house, school, or place of employment is haunted. Prove it. 
  55. 51 points: (Video – up to 45 seconds) Ask someone aged 7 or younger their favorite food and how to make it. You must follow their directions exactly. 
  56. 56 points: (Image) There’s a children’s song that says “Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver the other gold.”  In the spirit of this, gather one old friend and one new to pose with you, BUT the new friend must be all silver, the old friend all gold. 
  57. 64 points: (Image) Amanda/Benton has been putting this list together for 3 years now, so hopefully you have an idea of what she looks like. Using only things found in a kitchen (condiments, spices, coffee, etc.) “paint” her portrait. 
  58. 34 points: (Image) Make a sign that says “Starfish is…” and include at least 3 words to describe the organization. Hold your sign while standing next to a motorcyclist (must have their bike) who is holding your #StarfishSearch máscot. 
  59. 24 points: (Image) Get a business card from someone who has the same first name as someone on the Starfish Board of Directors 
  60. 94 points: (Image or Video) Last year, UMBC (University of Maryland, Baltimore County) beat Virginia in the 1st round ruining everyone’s March Madness brackets. But hey, we like rooting for the underdog. Show “True Grit”, UMBC’s máscot (a golden retriever), playing basketball and winning against the máscot of another school/university of your choice. Don’t have a golden retriever who can play basketball? Dressing up in costume is fine. 
  61. 68 points: (Video – up to 45 seconds) Find a quote, story, or teaching about education that is impactful to you. Create a stop motion video with your chosen quote/story/teaching as the main theme or plot.

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