Training Others to Use Computer Software

For her Starfish Service project, Elizabeth trained parents in the use of basic computer programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Through talks and lessons, she informed parents of the basic concepts so that they could feel comfortable using the different software. Her goal was to increase their overall knowledge. Today she shares with us her thoughts on the project:

Elizabeth DelgadoThis project was focused on providing Word computer classes for the parents of the Starfish Foundation. Since Word is currently one of the most used computer programs for the presentation of documents, letters and writing, but still unknown to some people, I decided to focus on this topic, so that parents can have a basic knowledge of it.

The idea of ​​computer classes arose to help parents explore the Word program, as there are some parents who do not handle this application with ease, which is very important today, so they can help a little in the tasks of their children.

Parents attended lessons from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. Originally I had 13 parents sign up for these classes, but only 4 participated. It is difficult to have the participation of parents due to their other commitments. Despite this setback, I am confident that those who attended learned important and practical skills.

This year, the class only lasted one day, and one hour, so if we replicate this idea next year, we are considering extending the program so there are multiple sessions.


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