Senior Project Final – Proyecto de Alfabetización

Hey everyone and welcome to the month of May! We’re going to check back in with some of our Senior students and find out more about senior projects! This time, I met with members of the “Literacy Project,” which included John B., Julexi C. and Joselyn C.

To begin, I asked the students for a brief description about their project and how they got it started. They told me that their goal was to help a student with literacy and they said, “In an effort to obtain student materials for our project, we looked for donors. We were able to collect a pencil, a pencil sharpener, a notebook, an eraser, and a support book.”

They went on to say, “During our preparation for this project, we also did a little planning of what we would teach the student. We received help from the educator Pamela Rodríguez, who was very aware of the details of our project. She taught us how to prepare and helped with the courses given throughout this project.”

Then the Seniors gave me an idea of how each day went with their student. Here’s a look at their diary:

January 29
We started by passing out of all the materials (pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener, “Nacho” textbook) to the mother who attended our class. Next, we carried out a dynamic integration activity so that the class would be very fun and nice for her. Then, we started our class with vowels, reviewing, writing, coloring, etc.Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 10.36.16 AM
February 5th
In the second week, we reviewed what we did the previous week. For that, we looked for a interactive game (make a vowel notebook). We started with a lesson about consonants
and reviewing her full name.
February 8
We started again with a small review of her name and vowels. The same day, we learned to identify uppercase and lowercase letters and we started to learn some easy phonemes (letters or a letter combination that distinguish the sounds of words). Then it was time for the culmination activity. We prepared some small snacks to share, to celebrate the participation and collaboration of our student.

Finally, I asked the seniors to give me their final thoughts on the projects. Here’s what they had to say, “Having completed this project, we realized that the classes were very short and should be a little more extensive. The classes should also be held during summer vacation, because other parents did not attend since the majority have children who study, which made it a little difficult to attend. Also, in the future we should offer an option for the literacy students to receive classes in their homes. That way, if the student cannot attend classes at our foundation or another problem arises, they can still receive class.”


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