Starfish March Madness!

marchMarch may come in like a lion and go out like a lamb, but March Madness is a high paced adventure from start to finish. With unbelievable upsets at every round and underdogs proving themselves time and time again, everyone was scrambling to recalculate their brackets, and a lot of people spent the evenings yelling at their TVs (both in despair and in jubilation).

This year, 58 people came out for the Starfish March Madness bracket – about 15 more than the total number in 2016. Total donations made in the name of March Madness exceeded $2,000! Thank you!

The final game was a match up between North Carolina and Gonzaga – and N. Carolina took home the trophy 71-65, in a game that was far too close for viewer comfort. Our amazing winners for 2017 – all of whom picked N. Carolina to win it all – were as follows:
• 1st Place – Christina Natalello ($100 Amazon Gift Card)
• 2nd Place – Jessica Cochol (Cotopaxi Backpack)
• 3rd Place – Christina MacNair ($25 iTunes Gift Card)

Honorable mention must go to John Todd who lead the way after Round 1, Round 2, the Sweet 16, and the Elite 8. Congrats John!

Round 2, was referred to by Danny as “whoa, a wild weekend” with South Carolina defeating #2 seed Duke, and Wisconsin taking out #1 seed Villanova. As Beth nicely put it,”there were a lot of upsets and upset people” … but some were in fact elated over these underdog victories. Christina V, Andy F, and Lisa C all predicted the Wisconsin win, and Becky M and Jasmin T (representing a group of our educators in Ecuador), both called the S. Carolina upset over Duke. Betting on the underdog definitely paid of!

We thank everyone who participated, and look forward to hosting March Madness again in 2018 – may the best team win!


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