The Season of Love and Joy (Part 1)

In December, without a doubt, the holidays are filled with happiness, love, and excitement. In Ecuador, most families will get together on December 24th (Christmas Eve) and make a traditional dinner of hot chocolate and the traditional “Pan de Pascua”bread.  Families will eat together and enjoy each other’s company until midnight, which is when everyone opens their presents!

In Ecuador, and around the world, the holiday season is a time filled with peace and blessings, but it is also often a time of travel because it is custom to have the entire family together to celebrate Christmas joyfully.

This week, I spoke with one of our staff members, Pamela about her family’s traditions:

In general, my family has a tradition of spending the holidays together because the holidays are usually celebrated mostly by adults. We get to share experiences, and we laugh together. My siblings, cousins and friends come at a specific time so we can drink the hot chocolate and eat Pan de Pascua, which is delicious and the younger kids play with sparklers.

Then, there’s the time when you leave everything you’re doing and gather at the table for dinner. Dinner consists mostly of traditional plates, at least in my house. We make chicken with a Coca Cola sauce, a lettuce salad and a hot chocolate. After eating together, with joy and happiness we exchange presents.

However, some traditions apply to everyone:

In every neighborhood you can see the Christmas lights and decorations and people singing Christmas carols with joy and faith. 

For Pamela, it’s also tradition to remember the reason for the holiday:

We have music and many more activities throughout the night; we celebrate Jesus in our homes.

I hope Pamela and her loved ones have a great December and a blessed Christmas. Next week, I’ll be back to share more holiday practices and traditions from our Starfish Family.

Until then,


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