A Time of Thanks

Today I write to you in the spirit of thanksgiving – a time to reflect on the many joys and blessings we are all thankful for. At Starfish our hearts are bursting with appreciation for all of the time, talent, and treasure shared for the betterment of Starfish and our scholars.

Today, we wanted to share some things that our scholars and volunteers are most thankful for this holiday season:

“I’m thankful for my friends and family, for my academic communities, for media new and old, for books, for education and opportunity, and, of course, for Starfish.” – Julia, volunteer

Image courtesy of the New York Times

“I am grateful for God, my parents, the starfish educators, and to my professors, because they help me continue forward.” Dervis, Starfish scholar

“I’m thankful to be attending the university that I do, for my family and their health this holiday season, all that I’m learning about the world and myself here at PSU, my friends, my not-so-much-friends because they teach the best lessons, HOBY, and this, my faith, and etc. etc.” – Faith, volunteer

“I am thankful for my parents who make sacrifices every day to work so that my brother and I can have a future. None of this would be possible without them and without the help of those who support Starfish.” – Luiggi, Starfish scholar

“I’m thankful for my friends and family, the opportunities I’ve had to travel and explore the world, my pets, and public libraries which provide easy access to so much knowledge, entertainment, philosophy, and history.” – Amanda, volunteer


“I am grateful for the family I have been given” – Juliana, Starfish scholar

“I am most thankful for my family and friends because they are the ones who have helped me to become the person I am today. I am also thankful for the kindness of strangers, hot tea, campfires, music, and the weekends….because there is just something so incredibly magical about the weekends.” – Christina, Starfish supporter

Me? I am thankful for all the kind hearts and smiling faces that make up the Starfish Foundation. Also for gentle ocean breezes, clean water, and coral reefs. Thank you for spending some time with me this holiday week. I hope yours if filled with health and happiness, and you can spend time with those you love.

All my best,


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