Advice from our Scholars!

Hello again! We’ve been talking to some of our Starfish Scholars and boy, are they smart! They have a lot of incredible insights and wanted to share their wisdom with all of you. So without further ado, I present to you Words of Advice from our Starfish Scholars:

Juliana Leon starts off by encouraging others to make smart choices, citing drugs, alcohol and gangs as lures that will only distract you from accomplishing your goals.

“Nowadays there are many children, adolescents, and young people wasting their youth because they are involved in various vices such as alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc. Generally, in many cases, this does not allow them to continue with their studies, because they neglect them by giving priority to an empty and wasted life.

So my advice is to stop spoiling your youth leaving aside all kinds of vices that will only ruin your lives. Instead, continue developing healthy habits and moving forward with your studies, so that you can achieve your goals and be able to successfully accomplish each one of the goals you had set for yourselves before entering that world.

Remember you have to put through an effort in order to achieve the objectives that will take you through a path of success, even if this means that every day you will be presented with barriers or obstacles you must overcome with perseverance and responsibility.”

Jhon Barrezueta’s advice is different. He recounts a story of a classmate who faced bullying on a daily basis, and encourages others to stand up for themselves, and more importantly, to stand up for others.

“When I was eight years old I had a classmate who was always criticized for having one hand smaller than the other. There were days that he was sad because they said mean things to him. He always wanted to spend time with others in a way that didn’t cause him psychological damage but it was difficult for him to find someone who was trustworthy.

At school he was quiet and sad. He didn’t want to tell the teachers about what was happening because he thought that just like his peers did, they would also make fun of him. Finally he told one of them and I told him that he had to be persevering and not allow himself to be controlled by his circumstances, that he had the decision to handle what was happening, and that he had the power to change this situation.
Be part of the change, come and become part of it!”

So how can we part of the change? Geovanny Jairala recommends starting by getting a good education as a foundation.

“The advice I would give to someone younger than me is that I studied to be someone. My advice would be to continue studying. My family motivates me because it is because of them that I am going to graduate, and be able to help them.”

So, to summarize: steer clear of potentially dangerous vices, stand up for yourself and what you believe in, and commit yourself to your studies so that you can achieve your goals. All advice I can proudly second.

Until next time,


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