Hello from Henry!

Hey there! It’s Henry!

Some of you may have already met me at benefit dinners or fundraisers. I am Henry Star, the official fish of the Starfish Foundation. I wanted to be the first fish to welcome you to our new Starfish blog site! Here you can catch up with what’s happening with all of our Starfish students in Ecuador, and our volunteers both in Ecuador and the United States. I’m swimming back and forth between the two to give you bimonthly updates as fast as my fins can carry.

If you’re interested in subscribing to all the latest and greatest news, take your little fins here and we will get you on our list.

We would love to hear from you and what you may like to hear! Please send any comments or suggestions to info@thestarfishchange.org.

Right now, it may be summer time in the United States but school just started in Ecuador, so what are our little Starfish up to? Here’s the inside scoop of what the Starfish team is doing.

We are two months into our school year and our little Starfish are already making a difference in their community. They just completed a soccer tournament where they raised money to renovate the Starfish office.

In addition, the students will be continuing to make their community better through volunteering. They’ll continue their previous volunteer roles at various shelters around the city as well as taking on new projects – including a recycling program and literacy classes! How awesome is that? I’ll get more information on that for you soon, until then, as my Starfish friends say here in Ecuador, Chao!

This little fish has more on the way.




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