Post-Earthquake: Actions to Take

The aftermath of the 2016 earthquakes continues:

Ecuador is a nation in the process of putting itself back together. This is a feat that may take several years, according to Defense Minister Ricardo Patiño.

On April 16, the country experienced a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that had a multitude of aftershocks- over 1,000 earthquakes have occurred since April 16. Most recently, on May 18, another two earthquakes struck the country within a 24 hour period- the aftershocks continue.

The government itself is doing what it can to address the needs of the people, but unfortunately, the people’s needs far outweigh the government’s capabilities. Thus, many humanitarian aid organizations are stepping in and offering support.

If you feel called to contribute to Ecuador’s reconstruction, here are a few reputable and trustworthy NGO’s to consider:

Catholic Relief Services 

Ecuador Red Cross 

Starfish itself is working as a community to contribute to the rebuilding of Ecuador. Starfish students are raising funds, with the goal of $200, to donate to Hogar de Cristo, a non-profit that will use the $200 to rebuild 1 of the houses in the affected areas. Starfish is also collecting food to donate to Hogar de Cristo to be used to provide meals for the volunteers building the houses. The Starfish community is also collecting paint, to be used in the rebuilding process, which we will send to Bahía de Caraquez, one of the hardest-hit cities.


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