Volunteer Reflections: Zainab

Greetings, Starfish supporters! This summer we are especially excited to share the reflections of our current cohort of Starfish interns, who are supporting us in our social media and fundraising projects. Today’s post comes from Zainab, who has volunteered with our Social Media Team since December 2014.

May 2014. My life changed. I attended the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership conference (HOBY) where I was taught the necessary skills to be a successful leader individually, in a group setting, and in society. At this outstanding conference I met Beth Awalt. She introduced the group of over 200 eager sophomores about her non-profit, the Starfish Foundation. 

The magic of HOBY!

I have always enjoyed learning about different non-profits and how I could be involved with organizations that help with education, poverty, civil rights and the environment. I was an active volunteer for the non-profit Enabling Minds, which shares similar goals as Starfish in education children in underdeveloped countries. 

Beth shared her story filled with passion and excitement. A few months after HOBY, fall of 2014, Beth asked HOBY alumni if they wanted to join her team and help promote The Starfish Foundation via social media. I jumped at this opportunity. I loved being able to see the pictures of the students in Ecuador, reading about them on the website, and telling everyone about the amazing work that the Starfish Foundation is doing. 

I hope one day to visit these students whose pictures I’ve seen and stories I’ve read. Thank you Starfish for giving these children a chance to grow and become successful through continuing education. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to see their smiling faces and hope that one day in the future I can make a similar impact on the future.


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