This week in global education

Exciting news this week, Starfish followers. On Monday, the World Bank announced that it will be allocating $5 billion dollars to improve the quality of global education.

They released this in advance of the World Education Forum, which is meeting in South Korea this week to determine benchmarks for sustainable development goals, including: right to education, equity in education, inclusive education, quality education, and lifelong learning. Among criticism for current efforts is that while enrollment has increased worldwide, the content of said education has not been improved. Recently, UNESCO released a report detailing key areas for improvement, including early childhood care and education, as well as child and adult literacy.

World Bank President, Jim Yong Kim, hopes results-based financing will make a difference in fostering better outcomes for students worldwide. However, global education advocates recommend a broad range of approaches in order to ensure best results and work well with local governments.

Regardless, the need for improvement in the quality of education is clear. One in four children  are illiterate–some 250 million children cannot read or right. Among solutions are: lower teacher-student ratios, better access to materials, and literacy-focused education.

Read here for more information on the UNESCO report and the potential impact of the World Bank’s contributions.

And to contribute to the quality of education for our students in Ecuador, consider sponsoring a scholar today.


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