Meet the Students: Parte Siete

In this week’s Meet the Students, meet newcomer to Flor de Bastión – Jordy, as well as tutoring students Michelle from Flor and Nery from Guasmo that earned their scholarship this past year 🙂


My name is Jordy.  I am 14 years old.  I am in 9th grade.  I go to “Transito Amaguana” high school.  I play a lot of soccer.  I like the colors gold, silver, black and white.  My favorite food is baked chicken with salad.  When I’m older I want to be a plastic surgeon. I’d like to have my own family, house and car.


My name is Kerly, but most people call me Michelle.  I am 12 years old, my birthday is May 9.  I am studying at “Martha Bucaram de Roldos” high school.  I am in 7th grade.  I like to listen to music.  My favorite music is bachata.  I have 4 sisters and 1 brother.  My favorite subject is Computer and Physical Education.  My favorite food is rice with mashed potatoes and meat.  My favorite fruit is achotillo. When I’m older I want to be a doctor. 


My name is Nery.  My goals for this year are to get the best grades and to be a good students, but also a good person.  For me, my family is really special and beautiful.

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