Meet the Students: Parte Cinco

In this weeks edition of “Meet the Students”, meet newcomers Jhon Jairo and David, as well as Sofia who won her scholarship participating as one of our youngest tutoring students last year!

Jhon Jairo

My name is Jhon Jairo.   My goal is to graduate high school and go to college.  I like the colors red & black.  I would also like to be a soccer player, and also make sure that I stay away from bad habits like drugs.   My favorite subject is math.  My family is made up of 4 other people, with me, 5.  I like to travel, listen to rap music.  I also like language arts and physical education.  I’m doing well in school and I will keep doing my homework until the day I finally reach my goal.



My name is David.  My goal for this year is to improve, get better grades, behave well and help my classmates.


Hi, my name is Sofia.  My goal is to pass 7th grade, and be on the honor roll.  I like to play soccer and when I’m older I want to be a lawyer or a secretary.

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