Carnaval 2014

This past weekend was a holiday here in Ecuador – Carnaval!  In our Sponsor a Scholar pen pal program, lots of our students wrote about this as their favorite holiday in their last card.  Carnaval is celebrated the last 2 days before Lent starts.  Here in Ecuador it’s celebrated Saturday – Tuesday. This year at Starfish we started even earlier on Friday to give departing volunteers, Twan & Rianne, a little taste of what it’s like to “play Carnaval”.  Friday was full of clean fun, just using water.  However, many Carnaval traditions include playing with paint, mud and whatever else you have around!

Enjoy the pictures!

Preparing for action!

Briggitte and Juliana!

These girls tricked me into giving them the camera so they could dump a huge bucket of water on me without damaging the camera.   It was hot, so it was appreciated 🙂

Milena, Yuliana, Lili, Pamela & Jaren

Lili was one of the leaders of the action 🙂

And finallly, someone got Cristhian!


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