Noticias from Guayaquil

  • The school year is winding down here in Guayaquil.  About half of our students finished final exams last week, and the other half will finish this week…just in time for some of rainy season’s wettest days yet.  Luckily, our classrooms are holding up just fine due to the hard work we put in last month at the “minga.”
    David & Cristhian at last month’s minga
  • Last week two volunteers from the Netherlands arrived at Starfish.  They’ve been staying with Starfish employee’s Marcos’ family and have had a great time getting to know the kids, helping them study for exams, and even teaching them a little bit of Dutch! Stay tuned for an update from Twan & Rianne!
    Rianne with Starfish tutoring student, Genesis.

Rianne, Yuliana, Cynthia, Lissette and Twan
  • This past weekend was an exciting weekend in Guayaquil – Saturday, February 22nd, the two Guayaquil soccer teams played against each other in the “Clásico”.  Emelec beat Barcelona 2-1. Sunday was election day.  Elections took place for mayor and other district/provincial positions.  Voting is mandatory for all Ecuadorian citizens 18 & older.
    Left: Jaime Nebot re-elected as mayor of Guayaquil.
    Right: Mauricio Rodas elected as mayor or Quito
  • In March we will run a mini vacation camp for our Starfish students, as well as select new Starfish Scholars for the 2014-2015 school year.  This year we hope to increase the number of scholars to 40!
    Eddy, Arelisa, Cristhian, Milena & Pamela at October’s vacation camp!
  • In other news, our 2nd annual benefit dinner is planned for Friday, March 7th in Baltimore, MD.  With over 50 tickets purchased, a guest speaker, silent auction, Ecuadorian-themed meal and many more surprises, it’s shaping up to be the event of the year!  Reserve your tickets today and tweet at us from the event with hashtag #forthestars!


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