Genesis & Betsabeth’s Vacation

For the first time, Ecuadorian schools were required to give vacation between Christmas and New Year’s, allowing students more time with their families for these important holiday!  Here, Betsabeth and Genesis share a little bit about their break from their studies…
Genesis & Bestabeth in 2012, their first year with Starfish!
“For Christmas Eve we got to spend time together.  It was a great thing because even though we didn’t know each other before Starfish, we get along really well.  We did a lot of things like: We took pictures (but later they were erased), we ate dinner at Betsabeth’s house, we hung out for a bit until after a lot of fooling around we decided to go for a walk.  We were with my cousin and we got to know her better.  We ate ice cream.  And the best part is that was had a really great time!”

Genesis helping with face painting at our Starfish Christmas party!

Betsabeth helping with face painting at our Starfish Christmas party!

“La noche del 24 de diciembre como ningún año pasamos juntas.  Fue algo estupendo porque a pesar de que no nos conocemos mucho, nos llevamos super que bien.  Hicimos muchas cosas como: Nos tomamos fotos, pero después se borraron, cenamos en la casa de Betsabeth, molestamos un rato hasta que después de mucha molestar decidimos ir a caminar un rato.  Estabamos con mi prima y nos conocimos más con mi prima.  Comimos helado.  Bueno, lo mejor es que la pasamos super que bien.”
Here is the beautifully decorated blog entry they handed into me:


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