More Tutoring = Better Grades and More Fun!

For the month of December we decided to experiment with adding an extra day of “Refuerzo” or Tutoring in each neighborhood in response to parent suggestions during our latest round of evaluations.  So far, it’s been a huge success!!


An extra day of tutoring means more time to dedicate the school subjects that our Scholars find difficult.  Our “Ayudantes” or employees have been busy helping students review some tough material so that the next time they have exams they’re all set to get even better grades!

Employee Tyrone presenting to the morning group in Flor

This has also allowed us more time for the group presentations on topics important to teens that we told you about in last week’s blog.

Lili & Milena
Dayanna presenting on Effects of Drug Use

Since it’s December we’ve also used the time to bring some Christmas joy to our classroom space too – everything pictured below is hand-made by our Starfish Scholars!!

Happy Holidays a little early from all of us at Starfish!


One thought on “More Tutoring = Better Grades and More Fun!

  1. I believe it's not the matter of being not a good test taker. I think it's more of the preparation. If you studies well enough and did the necessary reviews. Having SAT prep queens would be one great way to pass too. You will definitely pass SAT and you'll never call yourself a bad test taker.


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