Starfish Incentives: Field Trip to the Pool!!!

Maria, Juliana and Dayanna

At the end of the first semester of school, we rewarded those students who achieved at least a “B” average with a field trip to the pool!

Pamela, Yuliana, Geovanny, Cynthia, Joel, Nagelhi and Genesis!

Our goal is that all Starfish scholars will achieve at least a B average by the end of their first year with Starfish.  Last year, 32% of of our scholars achieved at least a B average.  This year after the first semester, 54% of Starfish Scholars, and 61% of all of the students we work with are have a B average through the first semester.

Gema, Arelisa, Eddy, Abigail, Milena, Cristhian and Pamela

This increase in grades is due in large part to the help of our 6 part-time employees or “ayudantes”.

Starfish Employees Jasmin and Karina

Check out some more pictures from the fun-filled day at the pool!

Sofia, Briggette and Andreina

Cristhian and Pamela
Scholars Joel and Geovanny with Employees Yuliana, Cynthia and Marcos

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