Juramento de Bandera – Pledging Allegiance to Ecuador

Every year at the end of September (coinciding with Ecuador’s flag day on September 26th), students in their last year of high school must “jurar la bandera” or pledge allegiance to their flag/country.  This civil act takes place at all high schools in Ecuador and it is considered an important right of passage for all young people.  

Presentation of the flags – Ecuador, Guayaquil, and the banner of the High School.
Usually the students who carry the flags are chosen based on grades.  The students who carry the 3 flags (of Ecuador, Guayaquil and the school) are the “abanderados”(flag bearers) and are the 3 best students in the school.  Each abanderado is accompanied by 1-2 “escoltas” or escorts who are the next best students in the school.  The rest of the students line up facing the flags and during the ceremony each student pledges her/his allegiance to their country.  One by one they bow to kiss the flag of Ecuador.  The “abanderados” also give short speeches expressing pride in their country and gratitude for their studies and their family.  
A student honoring the flag of Ecuador.
This year Starfish has 2 graduating Seniors who participated in this act at their respective schools.  Congratulations to Betsabeth and Maria Belen!

Betsabeth and her classmate at the “Juramento de Bandera”


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