Minga – work day!

Today’s Spanish word of the day is “Minga” or something like a “work day” in English.  In Flor de Bastión, our scholars and their families have been busy with many mingas, helping to renovate the space lent to us by Starfish Scholar Kiara’s family.

Kiara & Cristhian’s dads – working hard along with 2-year Starfish scholar, Cristhian!
First, we had to buy many large sugar cane poles, which were then split into workable pieces to make the walls.  Kiara & Cristhian’s dad, along with Cristhian worked tirelessly for several days to put up the walls.  The other students helped when the could at night and on the weekends.  The final step is buying some more tin for the roof.  It really has been a group effort – and something all the students are very invested in since they are really looking forward to an updated space to do homework, socialize, and have fun! 
To help cover the costs, the students are doing a raffle – so far we’ve raised $96!  In total we will need to raise about $250 – and the students are excited about being able to do this on their own.  They have some more fun & exciting ideas in the works so stay tuned for more updates and photos of the finished product in the coming weeks and months!

Part of the Flor de Bastión Starfish family in their partially renovated space with Jenn & Beth!

The crew, working late into the night to make the space ready for June’s Integration Day. 


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