Hello friends!

Hello to all of the friends of The Starfish Foundation, Inc.!

We are really excited about our organization and how it’s moving forward. Here are some updates:

  • Our holiday card campaign has begun! Donate $18 or more (the average cost monthly per student for running our programs) and we will send a special holiday card to the recipient of your choice. What a great gift for the holidays! More details on our website.
  • We will officially start our Pilot Program in 2012. The programming with begin with a Scholarship program, eventually expanding to include Tutoring, Mentoring and Nutritional programs. We also plan to update this blog regularly, with in-country entries (including translated ones from the students!), photos, and updates!
  • Our first organization email is going out this week – be on the lookout, and click here if you want to be a part of it!

We are SO appreciative of your enthusiasm for our Starfish Scholars. We cannot wait to start our programs in Guayaquil this winter!

First time learning about us? Check out our website www.thestarfishchange.org or Facebook www.facebook.com/thestarfishchange. Sign up for our emails at http://eepurl.com/hjfsA.


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